Networking Can Be Learned

Clearly explained in my book.

I know that any professional ─ introvert, ambivert, extrovert ─ can find his or her own authentic networking style. I am not a natural networker; I am an introvert who networks. I work in an industry where, in order to succeed, I need to interact with a wide group of people, some of whom I know well and many I don’t know at all. I learned to network successfully by creating a comfortable process for myself.

Increase the value of the book.

Let Carol personalize the book’s lessons for you. You can learn on your own by reading the book and following the plan, or you can make it easier, faster and perhaps, more valuable, by reading and applying each lesson with guidance from Carol.

  • Learn in private, confidential coaching sessions.
  • Train an entire firm or practice group.
  • Combine training and coaching to instill strategic networking into your culture’s DNA.

You will understand how to build a contacts list, grow relationships, cultivate referral connections, become a resource for others, obtain business and widen your network of valued friends, loyal clients and steadfast colleagues.